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Gingerbread Kids - Holiday Gift Drive

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Southwest Human Development is the largest non-profit organization in Arizona. They work with families in need, supporting our communities.

Southwest Human Development is collecting gifts for 1700 Gingerbread Kids with the help of community partners like True North Chiropractic. Gingerbread Kids are children that have been removed from their homes and placed in kinship or foster care. True North Chiropractic is supporting a family with three children that were placed in foster care.

There will be a display in the office with the children's ages, genders, sizes, and interests. Donations of shoes, clothing, and gifts will be greatly appreciated. These donations will go directly to the child so it is important that the donated items each match the children's information.

If all items for the three children have been collected and you would still like to participate in helping families in need this season, you can donate diapers for foster care children or gift cards for Gingerbread Kids that were not selected this year.

We will accept donations until December 9th to ensure that the organization can deliver the gifts in time for Christmas.


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