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Phoenix Summit Challenge 2022

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

By Dr. Chris Bonin

True North Chiropractic is proud to be sponsoring and participating in the Phoenix Summit Challenge! This nationally recognized hiking event is calling on you to put your physical stamina and mental strength to the test. Whether you are pushing yourself to the limits in the PHX7 (7 Summits), PHX5 (5 Summits), PHX4 (4 Summits), or PHX All Abilities, there is a challenge waiting for you! The Phoenix Summit Challenge isn't about finishing first, it is about finding the challenge within yourself and inspiring others to reach for new heights. Following the challenge, the UROCK festival is held at the South Mountain Park/Preserve Activity Complex, the festival provides a way for challenge goers to celebrate the accomplishments of the day. Kick off those hiking shoes, enjoy a delicious dinner, grab a cold beverage, and take advantage of a much-deserved massage! The event will be held on Saturday, November 12th beginning at 5:00am.

Click HERE for more information and to sign up!


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